Rose Marie Zizzo >> Westboro Baptist Crurch

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Rose Marie Zizzo has always been full of biblical scriptures spouting at will as she tears through the cat and sometimes even dog breeding world.She spews partial truths like a defective faucet and throws holy water on strangers.

The ramblings of a mad woman? No doubt about that but now we know WHY, we know the REST of her story...

Thanks to a relative releasing medical records about her multiple stays forced by the court into mental institutions, we know now how she keeps getting OUT. Rose Marie Zizzo is a confirmed member of the Westboro Baptist Church. (google it if you don't already know who they are) The kind, demented folks at Westboro Baptist Church have repeatedly signed her out, convincing the faculty at these facilities that THEY will br responsible for her well being.

Is it any wonder that she keeps eluding prosecution? Rose Marie Zizzo hides under the dark cloak of hatred among the largest terrorist group right here on AMERICAN SOIL!! There truly is nothing more despicable than someone using the Lord's name to commit acts of hatred as often and randomly as possible, then of course, blessing the very person and or people they are on a mission to destroy! The American public!!

How anyone could listen to a word this old, raving, hate mongering lunatic could say is just unfathomable. Rose Marie Zizzo, you are exposed for exactly what you are so sit in your travel trailer with you wifi and 4 pack a day habit and spew your garbage to the only crowd that will listen to you, the WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH!!

and p.s.rot with them and have a blessed day

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